Navman Move 70 Lm Update

Navman Move 70LM Update

How do I update the newly released Navman Move 70LM Device?

Navman offers a wide variety of award-winning functionalities to its existing clients. Such functionalities have undoubtedly helped them travel long miles without any hassle. The main menu of the 70LM device allows you to customize the saved locations and search for various points-of-interest (like hotels, restaurants, and so on). In this blog, I will be highlighting the key characteristics of the renowned Navman Move70LM device, along with the procedure that helps in downloading the necessary Navman Move70LM Update on this device. Let’s begin the hunt of learning the characteristics of this device: –

Features of Navman 70LM`

  • Users can individually search for the places, areas, and streets while planning to travel long-routed destinations.
  • Easily access your saved demographics and explore the areas around your current position with the Map Screen icon.
  • Receive real-time live traffic information of your navigational routes and set traffic preferences with the enhanced navigation experience.
  • Configure your Navman device to add or begin your planned trip with multiple checkpoints.
  • Record the correct longitudinal and latitudinal measurements of the GPS coordinates for the places you are willing to travel to.
  • On-screen navigation prompts by the Navman Smart Automated Voice recognition system. Besides, you can also change the voice levels (ranging from louder to softer) and even mute them.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • These features offer safety guidelines to various truckers and drivers in emergencies with the geographical nodes of hospitals and police stations.

To enjoy the mentioned-above features at times, you are travelling to highways and other places as per your preferences, you must read the below section that tells how can you update the Navman Move70LM device.

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Installation Guide for the Navman Move70LM Map Update 

Occasionally, Navman offers a wide variety of free updates (inclusive of software applications, maps and much more). All you need to do is implement these instructions sequentially, along with proper internet connectivity to your Navman device: –

  • Turn on your workstation and connect the Navman Move70LM dock to your workstation via a mini USB cord.
  • From the dock, you need to spot the Home button and click on it to initiate the update Navman Move70LM Map process.
  • You will see a list of options. Click the one that states Support and search for Device updates option.
  • Select this option. After you click it, you will see a pop-up message by the wizard asking to view the device updates screen containing available updates. Besides, you can also open the screen by clicking the new update button at the top right corner of the screen.
  • To install the Navman Move70LM Map Update, you must check whether or not your system is upgraded as per the latest norms. If not, you must go to the Upgrade section and follow all the on-screen instructions by clicking on the Yes button that will successfully upgrade your Navman Move70LMdevice.
  • It’s time to take a look at the below points: –
  • To download the update, select the Navman Move70LM Update from the list available and click on download. Wait till the download gets finished successfully.
  • In case you prefer to stop the download, click on the cross symbol to stop it. Also, you may pause the current downloading by clicking on the symbol with two standing lines. Moreover, to resume the paused activity, click on the triangle button.
  • To change the download destination, click the change path and save the update to the location you prefer.
  • After completing the download process, you need to open the downloaded executable file from the location you have saved.
  • Disconnect your Navman update device by removing the mini USB cable from your computer and clicking on Eject Navman 70LM.
  • Prefer to restart your Navman dock to enjoy the after-effects of the updation process.


The installation guide discussed above might be cumbersome to some of the Navman clients but offers fruitful results when performed with accuracy and precision. The features discussed in this blog have acknowledged a lot of customers to make up their minds and purchase the Navman Move 70LM Device. In case you are interested to know these outstanding features in detail, don’t hesitate to visit our web-portals. Our web-portals contain extensive knowledge about these procedures, which can surely make your journey hassle-free.