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Navman GPS Update

How to Update Navman Map on GPS Device?

The world is changing a lot – there are new streets, motorways and rural areas constructed. Getting from indicating a point b can change without you in any hassle, knowing. So ensure that you get the best route consistently, you should Update Navman Map on a regular basis.

Navman GPS maps are rich with layers of information like speed limits, security cameras, and tourist spots. Each time when you update Navman GPS maps, the most recent and most exact data on new streets, intersections, street rules, speed limits, wellbeing cautions including speed cameras, school zones, gets downloaded on your system. These updates likewise help you to find new streets under construction.

How does Navdesk desktop software help? 

NavDesk is a desktop software that enables you to deal with your maps, which you can install and Update Navman GPS map. Besides, you can likewise utilize this product to stack custom POIs, introduce memberships or travel guides, recouping programming keys, recuperate voices and dialects, or enrolling a PIN against relevant units. To update the device and maps on your Navman GPS, you have to install the NavDesk software installed on your PC.

Items you will need to update Navman Maps

  • Navman GPS USB cable
  • Computer

In this way, to help you toward Updating Navigation GPS, we have provided the steps required for updating Navman GPS Map:

  • Navman GPS utilizes a computer application you introduce on your PC to and updates. This product bundle, NavDesk, works with most Navman devices and gives you a chance to update the map on the route models from Navman.
  • Ensure NavDesk gets introduced on your PC. You can submit the program from the CD that transported with your Navman device or download it from Navman’s website. Additionally, ensure that your GPS gadget gets wholly energized.
  • Open a Web browser and explore to Navman’s map update page. Go through the different gadget tables and find the heading for your gadget model and the column for the guide area you need to Update, for example, Eastern Europe, Australia, or North America.

    Note: However, the process may look similar to those, you have performed Garmin Map Update on their GPS device.

  • Click on the connection besides the proper Updated guide to download it. The device accompanies lifetime free maps and updates and gives you a chance to tap on the “Download GPS Map” beside the proper arrangement.
  • Leave the guide record to the index Documents/My Maps, which NavDesk makes on your PC.
  • Associate your Navman GPS device to the PC with the USB link. Power the gadget on and sit tight for it to show the PC association screen, including pictures of a workstation and a GPS gadget around a USB logo.
  • Dispatch NavDesk on your PC.
  • Click on the “Open Features” button in NavDesk.
  • Enter the product key number for your guide membership.
  • Later, click on the “Proceed” button.
  • Click on the “My Maps” button back in the NavDesk window to dispatch the loadable Maps window.
  • Click on the “Open” button alongside the guide record you just downloaded to open two windows: My Navman and Map Source.
  • Check the case by your old guide in the My Navman window and click on the “Expel Maps” button. Trust that the procedure will wrap up.
  • Check the case alongside the guide you opened in the Map Source window and click on “Introduce Maps.”
  • After that, you have to wait for the procedure to wrap up. NavDesk will send you a notice when the exchange gets finished.

With the help of the easy steps mentioned above, the user can update Navman Gps Device without any hassle.


If you purchased maps on a CD, embed the CD into your PC, duplicate the records to the Documents/My Maps index and utilize the product key that accompanied the CD to open the maps in NavDesk.


To keep away from information debasement, save Navman map update in your PC’s Documents/My Maps registry.

Besides, in case if you encounter any problem while installing Navman GPS Update. You should feel free to try the troubleshoot again by resetting the device.