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How do you Reset Rand McNally GPS Device?

Rand McNally is a GPS device providing a company that manufactures a lot of products for the people. They have launched a variety of devices that have always succeeded in fulfilling the demand of the users. This gadget can be used in cars, trucks, bikes and so on and are reliable and compatible. To keep this instrument working, it is very necessary that the user must update this device regularly so that they can provide proper results of the machine. But sometimes the user may find him stuck at an error while updating this device.

To help the users in this process, we have provided some steps that would help them in this procedure. There are some simple steps that deliver solutions to the user of their problem. By resetting this device to factory settings, a user can feed new changes in the device and can also use the gadget according to their needs. The need of resetting the machine can’t be explained in one line as there can be many reasons due to which a user might face the situation of resetting the device from the current settings to factory settings.

In this blog, we have provided some prominent steps that would help the users in this process and would also allow them to perform the Rand McNally GPS hard Reset in a very smooth way. However, you can also visit our website to find the easy steps required to manually update Rand McNally Maps.

Steps to Reset Rand McNally GPS

  1. Before starting this process first reboot the device, make sure that the vehicle is turned off.
  2. Now, log off of your Rand McNally device from the main screen very carefully. Wait until the device brings you back to the monitor i.e. Log in Box.
  3. You will see a red power button on the screen. Press the button and wait until the device power off. Wait patiently for the device to power off.
  4. Once the device has powered down, press the home button on the lower side of the device.
  5. Turn the device back on by holding the Home button and pressing the power button that is located on the top of the device.
  6. Continue holding the Home Button until the device turns on.
  7. As the device turns on, you will be taken to the screen where you will see a pointer and some instructions regarding what to do with the pointer. It is called the screen calibration test.
  8. Using your device pen or Stylus, tap on the device screen wherever the pointer goes.
  9. Once the test is complete, you will be taken to the back to the Rand McNally device where you can feed the login information.
  10. Feed the information in the device and wait for the process to complete.
  11. Once you have done this process, your device will be set to the Factory mode.
  12. If the device is unresponsive, simply press the power button until the device turns off.
  13. Now, when you restart the device your device will be set back to the factory mode and then you can change the features according to your requirement.

These are some steps that would help the users in carrying out the activity of this device reset and would provide them a solution to their query of How to reset Rand McNally GPS device.

Rand McNally device is an Essential Part of the Vehicle.

Rand McNally is a gadget that helps users in many ways. It provides users with the correct location of that area or location. It also provides them with the correct location of the place and also alerts them about any obstacle in the way. So, it is very necessary for the vehicle drivers to use this GPS device in their vehicle. While facing any problem, with the device you can visit the website and read the blogs which would provide steps for Rand McNally factory Reset and more.